Awesome Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Acne is most intrusive when it barges into the life of a teenage girl. Young ladies are particularly selective when it comes to their beauty regimens. Here are a few tips to help you through your acne-plagued years:

  1. Visit a dermatologist. Try natural home remedies first, but if your problems persist it is best to consult a professional. A trip to the dermatologist will save you the time and money of visiting the beauty aisle every week in search of the perfect product. Don’t take chances with your skin. Let a professional tell you what your skin needs.                                                                                                       shutterstock_177586193
  1. Be kind to your skin. Find a good cleanser to use every night that will remove dirt and oil. Dirt and oil build-up can do real hard-to-treat damage to your skin. Keep it fresh and clean, and never leave your makeup on overnight. Follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out.
  1. Stay away from foundations. Covering your acne with layers of foundation at a young age will make you look older, faster. There are better ways to cover up your acne. Use a little concealer along with a tinted moisturizer. A lot of concealers are made with medication that treats acne.                                                  cilt-temizligi
  1. Apply your products correctly. Pat your concealer over your problem areas. It’s important that you never rub the concealer into your skin. The same goes for your tinted moisturizer, just pat it on.
  1. Less is more. You’re young and beautiful, so don’t go overboard with the makeup. Keep it simple. There are little tricks to make your everyday concealer and tinted moisturizer pop. A pink blush accompanied with a light gold eye shadow, a bit of mascara, and a pink or nude lip gloss will do the trick.                         maxresdefault
  1. Balance is key. If you like a dark lip, keep your face light. For example, you should avoid putting on blush with a dark eye shadow. If you’re more into eye makeup, that’s fine. Just make sure to wear a nude lip or gloss.                                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  1. Not every day. Just like you shouldn’t wear everything at once, eyes, lips, blush, and foundation. You shouldn’t wear makeup every day. Go days without adding anything to your face. Your skin needs to breathe. Your makeup and your acne are not friends; they tolerate each other. Like everything else in life, makeup should be used in moderation.